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Mermaid Riches

Mermaid Riches live in Jasper Castle under the blue sea. This castle is protected by pg slot an invisible barrier. which allowed only mermaids to enter. However, according to legend, this barrier Not only protecting the mermaids but also protecting the treasures inherited from their ancestors centuries ago. This rare treasure is only given to the destined. While humanity is aware of the existence of mermaids But few people have ever seen a mermaid. One day, Fancis was collecting seashells at the beach. and was attracted by the golden light in the distance He followed the light and found a glittering golden scaly fish stuck in the net. Francis cut the net to free the fish when suddenly a light flashed. dazzle him When Francis opened his eyes again A beautiful long black haired mermaid appeared in front of him. This mermaid had a golden scaled fishtail. Fancis was shocked but soon learned that she was the legendary mermaid princess. The mermaid princess gave Fancis scales as a gift and told Fancis that if she needed help. He can use the scale to find her in the castle under the sea. She also promised that she would allow any of his requests. Mermaid Riches is a 5-reel video slot (1 line on reel 1, 2 rows on reel 2, 3 rows on reel 3, 4 rows on reel 4 and 5 rows on reel). 5) Video Slots with Sticky Wild symbols and win multiplier x10 max. Win more during free spins feature when reel is reflected – 5 rows on reel 1, 4 rows on reel 2, 2 rows on reel 4 and 1. row in reel 5


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