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Jamesdarin 发表于 2022-5-5 11:33:37
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World of Warcraft Classic TBC's second PvP season is now officially over, so when the next game will start is something players are curious about. While an official release date for next season Blizzard hasn't been announced, there are some indications of what's to come.

Classic TBC now has two arena seasons, the first of which begins on June 16 and ends on September 7. The second starts a week later on September 14 and ends on Monday, January 10.

In an official post on the Blizzard forums, the developer has stated that the content for Season 3 and Phase 3 of Classic will be released "later in early 2022."

Due to the PvP reward system, Blizzard may want to align the release of season three with the tier six raid content.

Blizzard has also stated in previous TBC Classics that they won't quite follow the release pattern of TBC's release in the mid-2000s. As such, players shouldn't expect too much from the same two-day season turnaround that originally existed at launch. Click here to Buy WoW The Burning Crusade Classic Gold.

And making sure the tier six raid content is ready before moving forward is more of a concern for Blizzard at the moment. Even though Blizzard didn't set a specific release date for the new phase, raid testing for the phase has been ongoing since December.

Based on the pattern that Blizzard has followed on TBC in the past, the game's Phase 3 release will probably take place over the next two weeks, when the new PvP Arena season will arrive.

The release of Arena Season 3 is still some time away, and players can fully prepare for the upcoming season in the meantime. The most important thing is to prepare enough TBC Classic Gold, because there will be various battles when the new season arrives, and players will need to use a lot of items.

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